With the goal of helping shops become more aware of the "not-included" repair operations they are doing and whether other shops are being compensated for those procedures, CollisionAdvice and CRASH Network developed this survey series to provide a real-world picture of the payment patterns of the eight largest U.S. auto insurers when it comes to "not-included" repair operations.


Throughout the course of a year, the "Who Pays for What?" series covers nearly 100 different "not-included" procedures and estimate line items with each survey covering a different part of the repair process including: Refinish Operations; Body Repair Operations; Scanning & Calibration Operations; Shop Supplies; and Frame & Mechanical Repair. We ask shops to describe how often they are paid, by each insurer, for each procedure: "always," "most of the time," "some of the time," or "never." 

At the conclusion of each survey, we report the results with a two-page section dedicated to each repair operation in the survey, with charts and graphs that allow comparison at a glance between the differing payment practices of the eight largest auto insurers in the U.S.

In addition to breaking down the results by DRP and non-DRP facilities, the reports breakdown results by U.S. regions, helping to illustrate how billing and payment practices vary for each repair operation around the country.

The reports also contain definitions of every repair procedure surveyed (there are about two dozen operations in each survey), as well as some guidance and resources that repair facility operators and managers can use to put the survey results to real use in their business.